Puffin Saco in the Adirondacks

Adirondack fishing guide Scott Gardner just received his new Puffin Saco, and he likes it – a lot! We think it is neat because the Saco’s is just like the ‘Wee Lassie’, a small canoe that was popular in the Adirondacks a hundred years ago – although the ‘Wee Lassie’ was not a folding boat. […]

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North American Fishing Club Test

We have had the Puffin Saco tested by the North American Fishing Club. The format of the test is that boats are shipped to three members who put their boats to a few weeks of use. Each tester rates the tested product on a set of criteria, each on a scale from 1 (poor) to […]

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XT-15 paddling to Timbuktu

Sometimes we get involved in trips that are out of the ordinary. There have been researchers from MIT canoing in Siberia to do their research, a French customer who needed to bring a kayak to Tahiti – and then there is Bernice Notenboom who is now in the middle of her expedition to West Africa […]

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River Trip in Thailand

It is getting close to the canoe season – even on our still frozen northern rivers. In other places, paddling never ends. Here is a note that I just received from a customer in Thailand. I want to go! Alv, Our Canoe trip started in the deep jungle of Northern Thailand. From a small village […]

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More on Canoes in Bush Planes

I just received the following from Bob O’Hara who has canoed northern rivers for many years. Since Pakboats supplies folding canoes to many expedition canoers (including Bob), this is of obvious interest to us. It will also be of interest to many who read my blog. By the way, a New England group of 8 […]

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Some special uses of Pakboats

In the last few days I have received information about three very different trips (one of them was actually many trips) that involved Pakboats. One was an exploratory trip on the Quoich and Lunan rivers in Arctic Canada, and the story occupies its own space under Canoe Adventures. The next note was about a very […]

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The Where’s Manchester Expedition, Bolivia

Riding motorbikes around South America may seem like a strange beginning to a story of canoeing down a remote river in the Bolivian Amazon but that’s how it all started nevertheless. In 2004 I was looking for a route around the north side of Lake Titicaca into Bolivia with my wife, Liz. We had a […]

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Kuujjua River and Beaufort Sea Expedition

By Jim Baird This trip report encompass’ the events of a five week canoe expedition north of the Arctic Circle on Victoria Island. The crew consists of only two paddlers Jim Baird (myself) and my brother Ted Baird. We began the expedition by floatplane charter from Cambridge Bay Nunavut and completed it in the community […]

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Urban Canoe Tripping

If you think canoe adventures can only be had in the wilderness, this story will set you straight. Or may be you consider New York just another kind of wilderness. In any case, I think you will enjoy this tale! The PakCanoe used in the story is well traveled. A couple of years ago, the […]

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Northern Manitoba Adventure, Alan Kesselheim

Just back from a fantastic month in northern Manitoba. Our family completed another in what is becoming a long string of Pakboat wilderness expeditions in the Far North. This one featured the South Seal River and Hudson Bay, paddling 400 miles of terrific northern wilderness full of rapids, wildlife, and fantastic campsites.

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