Some special uses of Pakboats

In the last few days I have received information about three very different trips (one of them was actually many trips) that involved Pakboats. One was an exploratory trip on the Quoich and Lunan rivers in Arctic Canada, and the story occupies its own space under Canoe Adventures.

The next note was about a very unusual way to use a Puffin. Here it is:

Dear Pakboat,
I just wanted to let you know that I purchased one of your foldable kayaks a year ago and have been using it when I train an open water swimmer that I am coaching.  Her name is Eva Fabian, and she is from Keene, NH.  She is on the US national team and is competing in World Championships and the Pan Pacific championships this summer. 

I have brought the Kayak to Florida, California, Dubai, Chile, Washington, Minnesota, and Argentina when we have traveled for competitions.  There is a great deal of interest among other coaches about your product.  Your company was featured on a blog and website for open water swimmers.

Using a Puffin this way makes perfect sense. Puffins offer a combination of very light weight and compactness for easy travel – and it has the speed to keep up with a serious swimmer. That boat sure got to see some interesting places!

The third story was just as unique. The trip covers a year of travel in North America by truck camper and canoe – in part written from the dog’s perspective. It is very nicely done, and the paddled distance is over 1000 miles! Here is the link to the quite extensive story from Doug and Cathy Hull (and the dog Miles):


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Quoich and Lunan Rivers, Nunavut, Canada