Pakboats does not manufacture a line of paddles. However, we have selected some paddles that we like and recommend. These 4-piece kayak paddles and 2-piece canoe paddles can be taken apart and packed into the bag with the boat. All of the paddles shown below are available for purchase directly from Pakboats.

To view a PDF of prices for all Pakboats products, click here.

Kayak Paddles

Cannon Nokomis 4-Piece Kayak Paddle - $180.00


Efficient performance features in a budget priced paddle. Fiberglass shaft and well designed fiberglass reinforced blades makes the Nokomis an efficient and comfortable paddle. Available feather angles are 60 degree left or right as well as un-feathered. This 4-piece version fits conveniently into the bag with your folding kayak. Length 220 cm. Weight 35 oz.

Canoe Paddles

Mohawk 2-Piece Canoe Paddle - $78.00


These Mohawk two-piece canoe paddles fit inside the bag with the canoe. This makes travel with your canoe much more convenient – in particular on public transportation.¬†¬†Mohawk paddles have a molded, reinforced plastic blade and an aluminum shaft. The shaft tapers gradually down towards the tip of the blade to enhance the paddle blade’s performance in the water. Mohawk paddles are rugged and reliable, and Mohawks have earned their reputation as one of the best inexpensive paddles available.