River Trip in Thailand

It is getting close to the canoe season – even on our still frozen northern rivers. In other places, paddling never ends. Here is a note that I just received from a customer in Thailand. I want to go!


Our Canoe trip started in the deep jungle of Northern Thailand. From a small village called Sobkhong, we paddled along Mae Ngow river (translate to river of reflection from its crystal clear water). There some rapids up to level 2-3 on the first day. We paddled for 3 days and camped along the river for 2 nights. 

We had one PakCanoe 150T, 1 Puffin Saranac and 1 Puffin Saco carry 5 people, our gear and food. These boats performed extremely well both in rough water at the beginning and calm water toward the end of the journey.  

We are planning a few more trip in Thailand’s rivers with these boats very soon.whitewater-on-mae-ngow-river

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