Pakboat Adventures

Posts from Pakboat customers about their canoe and kayak adventures.


Kayak Portage

Todd Schwartz has come up with a very functional way to portage kayaks like those made by Pakboats. Below you will find pictures and information about his portage yoke as well as his experience with the PakPod. Click here to see his experience with the XT-17 on Lake Superior. Greetings Alv, Laura and I very […]


Portage and Kayaking in BWCA

  Greetings ALV, My wife and I just returned from an eleven day BWCA kayaking trip.  The XT-17 and 15 performed flawlessly, and with the portage yokes I designed and built portaging was as comfortable as portaging ever gets (I’m attaching photos of the yokes).


Lapland Canoe Trip 2015

I am looking forward to a really special canoe trip. We will spend 3 weeks this summer, paddling 3 rivers in Lapland. Starting in Norway, we will cross into Finland for a few days on the Poroeno watershed .


Lake Superior with XT-15 and XT-17

   Greetings Alv, Both my wife and I have been enjoying the XT-17 and 15 that I purchased from you late summer 2014.  I find their paddling characteristics much to my liking.  The boats are fast enough to deal with some pretty nice composites and they are SEAWORTHY, more on that a bit later.

Family Canoeing

The following is a discussion that was prompted by my previous ‘Family Canoe’ post. The discussion covers canoeing with kids and how PakCanoes can fill the particular needs that kids have. I think you will find it interesting.

Loving the Puffin

A few days ago, I included a little story in my e-mail newsletter. The newsletter was about something else, but I received some nice responses to the story. These responses are from people who have had Puffins for several years, and you may find them interesting.


XT-17 Sea Trials

Alv, I got the XT-17 and have been giving it some sea trials. Right out of the box, in tandem mode it is faster than my Current Designs Sirocco 16’10”, a rotomolded brit form kayak with the same width and probably 2′ less waterline.


Mekong and Srepok Rivers

Paddling and Teaching CPR on the Mekong and Srepok Rivers By Garrett Cooper Last December and January, Matt Smith and I paddled a Pakboats PakCanoe 170 nearly 600 miles down the Srepok and Mekong Rivers through Cambodia and Vietnam.  Along the way we stopped in several villages to teach CPR as well as abdominal thrusts […]


Twelve Years with PakCanoe 150

Hello I have been meaning to send you this quick note for some time now.  Back in 2001 I contacted you under the auspices of our guiding company with a request for information on purchasing some of your Pakboat folding canoes for expanding our offerings into combined water and mountain trips.  You kindly offered a […]


Italian Quest Adventure

  I took my Quest 135 on a 3 day “Sottocosta” group rally around the Mediterranian islands of Ponza and Palmarola with about 70 sea kayaks, me with around 25 lb of camping gear. My first camping trip in it. Less bouncy laden in a chop although a bit wetter and not as good for […]


Lapland Canoe Adventure

Many years ago, a group of friends bought canoes, picked a route on the map and went on an epic trip. None of us had been on a canoe trip before, and none of us knew how to paddle a canoe in whitewater, but we had a good time and I was hooked on canoe […]


Grizzly Bear Tracks

We get some rather unusual e-mail from customers, and this one sure qualifies. I have never seen anything like it, and I am amazed that there is no damage to the canoe! Hi Alv, I am sending you a picture of the grizzly bear tracks on our Pakboat from the Thelon River trip. I want […]

Lorillard River

Pack a Canoe for a First Descent

Canoeing the Lorillard River By Brian Johnston I am a Far North paddler. I travel with others that share my passion for exploring this vast region of Canada. As we continue to chase our dreams and follow our passions, we will continue to research, paddle, and report on original and unique water routes. This is […]

First Descent of the Rio Coypisa, Bolivia

Rio Coypisa. Bolivia 2012 The buttress roots of rainforest giants reach right down into the scarcely-moving greenish water and a ‘vee’ ripple spreads away from the front of the canoe as we paddle gently forwards, taking care not to make any noise that would scare away the maroon and orange ball of fur that is


Paddling the mighty Mekong in Laos

             Di and I spent February and March, 2012  paddling our 16 ft. pakboat canoe on  the Mekong river in northern Laos.  Here’s a few photos of our adventure.   By Brian Svelnis           Our goal was to paddle the Mekong river 800 kms from Ban Huay Xai to the capital city of Vientienne.  It […]


Paddling the Saco on a River

I went paddling on Vermont’s White River in early June with a friend. Usually, we use PakCanoes on this run, but we decided that it would be fun to see how a Puffin would behave on “bumpy” river water. Since I did not have many pictures of the black polyurethane skinned Saco, I made sure […]

New Zealand’s Whanganui River

I had read about one of the world’s greatest and most scenic kayaking rivers: the Whanganui River that flows for part of its length through the wild and remote Whanganui National Park in the north island of New Zealand. I decided to attempt to kayak this river….


Exploring Queensland Rivers

ADVENTURES IN A PUFFIN. During a bicycling journey in 2005 from Vancouver to the Arctic Circle I spent quite some time cycling beside the Yukon River and was very envious of kayakers who paddled leisurely along with the current while I battled strong headwinds, freezing rain and sleet. We camped together


Spirit of the Tiger

Armu River. Russian Far East. My PakCanoe is a boat that can get you just about anywhere. You can carry it dismantled in a couple of rucksack loads over mountains and through forests, then reassemble it when you get to a river’s headwaters. You can get to places where few, if any, people have traveled […]


Lago Rogo-Aguardo Expedition, Bolivia

The plan was to get to- and cross- Lake Rogo-Aguardo, the legendary centre of the Moxos civilisation of Bolivia’s lowlands who had kept first Inca then Spanish invaders at bay. Rogo-Aguardo has always been a hard place to get to.


Paddling the North Saskatchewan River

In Canada, a country known for it’s numerous rivers and waterways, the North Saskatchewan river stands out as a premier route. It runs for more than 1200 km (750 miles) from the Rocky Mountains eastward across the prairies to it’s joining with the South Saskatchewan river.

Nature Conservancy Thelon Expedition

We sometimes get involved in a really neat project, and this is one of them. Having 6 local youth from the Great Slave Lake area reconnect with nature in our folding canoes was a real thrill. Here is the first contact I received – and at the bottom is a link to the blog from […]


PakPod on an open Canoe

This summer I canoed in the Lapland area of Norway and Finland where we ran two shallow and rocky rivers with lots of rapids – including a mile-long rapid that dropped 60 feet! One challenge in preparing for the trip was to figure out a way to keep my new SLR camera safe, yet easy […]


Hamlet’s Ghost and a Puffin

Bill Longyard has made some unusual trips with his Puffin, like his adventure on the mud flats at the mouth of the Thames River that is included in this collection of Puffin stories. Here is another: Hamlet’s Ghost Beckons In the summer of 2009 I set out to do something I had wanted to do […]

My Summer Trip – with a Twist

I am leaving in a few days for a whole month in North Norway and Finland. The main feature of our trip is to canoe 3 rivers. Three guys in 15 ft solo PakCanoes – and one in a 14-footer that I saved for my own use when we stopped making the 140. We will […]


Puffin Saco in the Adirondacks

Adirondack fishing guide Scott Gardner just received his new Puffin Saco, and he likes it – a lot! We think it is neat because the Saco’s is just like the ‘Wee Lassie’, a small canoe that was popular in the Adirondacks a hundred years ago – although the ‘Wee Lassie’ was not a folding boat. […]


North American Fishing Club Test

We have had the Puffin Saco tested by the North American Fishing Club. The format of the test is that boats are shipped to three members who put their boats to a few weeks of use. Each tester rates the tested product on a set of criteria, each on a scale from 1 (poor) to […]

XT-15 paddling to Timbuktu

Sometimes we get involved in trips that are out of the ordinary. There have been researchers from MIT canoing in Siberia to do their research, a French customer who needed to bring a kayak to Tahiti – and then there is Bernice Notenboom who is now in the middle of her expedition to West Africa […]


River Trip in Thailand

It is getting close to the canoe season – even on our still frozen northern rivers. In other places, paddling never ends. Here is a note that I just received from a customer in Thailand. I want to go! Alv, Our Canoe trip started in the deep jungle of Northern Thailand. From a small village […]


Canoe Tripping in Poland

By Brian and Diana Svelnis After much research and map gazing we decided to paddle 850 km across Poland by canoe during the summer of 2010.


Bird Adventure in Maine

Again, Pakboat kayaks proved worthy and convenient on our Bar Harbor, Maine trip. Imagine carrying 2 kayaks, 2 bicycles, plus our bags within the confines of a Ford Escort.

More on Canoes in Bush Planes

I just received the following from Bob O’Hara who has canoed northern rivers for many years. Since Pakboats supplies folding canoes to many expedition canoers (including Bob), this is of obvious interest to us. It will also be of interest to many who read my blog. By the way, a New England group of 8 […]

Some special uses of Pakboats

In the last few days I have received information about three very different trips (one of them was actually many trips) that involved Pakboats. One was an exploratory trip on the Quoich and Lunan rivers in Arctic Canada, and the story occupies its own space under Canoe Adventures. The next note was about a very […]


Quoich and Lunan Rivers, Nunavut, Canada

July 11-24, 2009: To the best of our knowledge we were the first canoe trip on the Lunan Branch of the Quoich. We could find no pre information on the river and as such were running with topo maps only, no river notes.


The Where’s Manchester Expedition, Bolivia

Riding motorbikes around South America may seem like a strange beginning to a story of canoeing down a remote river in the Bolivian Amazon but that’s how it all started nevertheless. In 2004 I was looking for a route around the north side of Lake Titicaca into Bolivia with my wife, Liz. We had a […]


Kuujjua River and Beaufort Sea Expedition

By Jim Baird This trip report encompass’ the events of a five week canoe expedition north of the Arctic Circle on Victoria Island. The crew consists of only two paddlers Jim Baird (myself) and my brother Ted Baird. We began the expedition by floatplane charter from Cambridge Bay Nunavut and completed it in the community […]

Urban Canoe Tripping

If you think canoe adventures can only be had in the wilderness, this story will set you straight. Or may be you consider New York just another kind of wilderness. In any case, I think you will enjoy this tale! The PakCanoe used in the story is well traveled. A couple of years ago, the […]

Northern Manitoba Adventure, Alan Kesselheim

Just back from a fantastic month in northern Manitoba. Our family completed another in what is becoming a long string of Pakboat wilderness expeditions in the Far North. This one featured the South Seal River and Hudson Bay, paddling 400 miles of terrific northern wilderness full of rapids, wildlife, and fantastic campsites.

Canoeing and Fishing the Nanook River

Cold Wind, Sucky Mud, and Big Fish on the Nanook River

Tatshenshini/Alsek by PakCanoe

Your PakCanoe is an amazing craft. I love it, truly. On the Tat it performed beyond any of my expectations. It takes big waves better than anything I’ve paddled and it is fast, so making moves is easy – technical rapids, no problem at all.

To Australia with a Puffin

I was attending a meeting in the beautiful city of Sydney, so decided to bring along my Puffin Sport kayak.

Traveling Europe with a Puffin

The Puffin II proved to be particularly practical on our camping holiday in Burgundy, France, and the Spanish Pyrenees.

With a Puffin in Jamaica

I took the Puffin Sport to Jamaica and used it every day.

Paddling the Canals of England

 I thought you might like to know how I got on with my 6 day trip on the canals of England.


The riddle of the Mud Flats, Bill Longyard

For the past dozen or so years I’ve been paddling down the Thames in a variety of folding kayaks every time I’ve visited England.

46 days solo in the Arctic by Bob Dannert

I just returned from my summer Arctic canoe trip where I used your 15′ solo PakCanoe. 


Canoeing the Allier River, France

If you are looking for the kind of wilderness experience you can find on a canoe trip in Canada, then France is not the place for you.

Sunrise on the Coppermine River

This account is unusual because of the catamaran setup that was used to run this challenging river at high water level.

Adventure on the Back River, Marilyn Sprissler

 The Back (Thlewechodyeth, or “Great Fish River”) is a very challenging & long river, about 1100 km.


Bonnet Plume River Adventure

 We landed on Bonnet Plume Lake at the end of June with our two Pakboats and all the other stuff that is needed to run a challenging river.