How To Buy From Pakboats

Yes, you can buy directly from Pakboats – and we can ship almost anywhere, from Alaska to Zambia. We can help you figure out which Pakboat will work best for you and we will work out a shipping quote. Once you receive your Pakboat, you can take a couple of weeks to get familiar with it (including paddling it with a full load to see how it handles). If you decide that this boat is not what you had in mind, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price (we will not refund shipping). We just ask you to be kind to the boat until you have decided.

Here’s how to contact Pakboats

Pakboats via Telephone or e-mail … 

Pakboats Shipping & Regular Mail Address:

234 May Street (UPS & truck freight deliveries)
P.O. Box 700 (Send Mail to PO Box Only)
Enfield, NH 03748

Pakboats Price List: Prices are shown along with the descriptions of Pakboats products on the pages of our web site. If you would like to download the complete price list, click here.

NOTE: If you are looking for parts or accessories for older model Pakboats, click here for the ‘Deals/Specials’ page.