North American Fishing Club Test

nafc-sealWe have had the Puffin Saco tested by the North American Fishing Club. The format of the test is that boats are shipped to three members who put their boats to a few weeks of use. Each tester rates the tested product on a set of criteria, each on a scale from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent). Then the testers comment on their evaluation of the product. If the product passes, the manufacturer is allowed to use the Seal of Approval in promoting the product.

The Saco passed with flying colors, receiving an over-all rating of 9 out of 10. Here are some comments from the testers:

“I would recommend this product to anyone who likes to access hard to get to places. This kayak is extremely portable and very easy to set up and operate. It is an overall great design.” CH

“I was very amazed by how well I was gliding across the water with little effort. I was able to move around and make sudden movements without fear of being dumped in the water.” CM

“Light and functional. Easy to fish out of and was really durable and tough.” TB

“My wife was amazed by how small it packed up and how light it was.” CM

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