XT-15 paddling to Timbuktu

Sometimes we get involved in trips that are out of the ordinary. There have been researchers from MIT canoing in Siberia to do their research, a French customer who needed to bring a kayak to Tahiti – and then there is Bernice Notenboom who is now in the middle of her expedition to West Africa – arriving in Timbuktu in her XT-15. To me, the name Timbuktu was always associated with the ultimate out-of-the-way place. I never thought someone would take one of our kayaks there!

Bernice is doing research on climate change, and I think many of you will find it interesting to look at her blog (http://www.desertalert.nl/blog/the-expedition-so-far-english). You will find both written reporting as well as some nice video. Enjoy!

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