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Posts from Pakboat customers about their canoe and kayak adventures.


Kayak Portage

Todd Schwartz has come up with a very functional way to portage kayaks like those made by Pakboats. Below you will find pictures and information about his portage yoke as well as his experience with the PakPod. Click here to see his experience with the XT-17 on Lake Superior. Greetings Alv, Laura and I very […]

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Portage and Kayaking in BWCA

  Greetings ALV, My wife and I just returned from an eleven day BWCA kayaking trip.  The XT-17 and 15 performed flawlessly, and with the portage yokes I designed and built portaging was as comfortable as portaging ever gets (I’m attaching photos of the yokes).

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Lapland Canoe Trip 2015

I am looking forward to a really special canoe trip. We will spend 3 weeks this summer, paddling 3 rivers in Lapland. Starting in Norway, we will cross into Finland for a few days on the Poroeno watershed .

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Lake Superior with XT-15 and XT-17

   Greetings Alv, Both my wife and I have been enjoying the XT-17 and 15 that I purchased from you late summer 2014.  I find their paddling characteristics much to my liking.  The boats are fast enough to deal with some pretty nice composites and they are SEAWORTHY, more on that a bit later.

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Family Canoeing

The following is a discussion that was prompted by my previous ‘Family Canoe’ post. The discussion covers canoeing with kids and how PakCanoes can fill the particular needs that kids have. I think you will find it interesting.

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Loving the Puffin

A few days ago, I included a little story in my e-mail newsletter. The newsletter was about something else, but I received some nice responses to the story. These responses are from people who have had Puffins for several years, and you may find them interesting.

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XT-17 Sea Trials

Alv, I got the XT-17 and have been giving it some sea trials. Right out of the box, in tandem mode it is faster than my Current Designs Sirocco 16’10”, a rotomolded brit form kayak with the same width and probably 2′ less waterline.

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Mekong and Srepok Rivers

Paddling and Teaching CPR on the Mekong and Srepok Rivers By Garrett Cooper Last December and January, Matt Smith and I paddled a Pakboats PakCanoe 170 nearly 600 miles down the Srepok and Mekong Rivers through Cambodia and Vietnam.  Along the way we stopped in several villages to teach CPR as well as abdominal thrusts […]

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Twelve Years with PakCanoe 150

Hello I have been meaning to send you this quick note for some time now.  Back in 2001 I contacted you under the auspices of our guiding company with a request for information on purchasing some of your Pakboat folding canoes for expanding our offerings into combined water and mountain trips.  You kindly offered a […]

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Italian Quest Adventure

  I took my Quest 135 on a 3 day “Sottocosta” group rally around the Mediterranian islands of Ponza and Palmarola with about 70 sea kayaks, me with around 25 lb of camping gear. My first camping trip in it. Less bouncy laden in a chop although a bit wetter and not as good for […]

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