Loving the Puffin

A few days ago, I included a little story in my e-mail newsletter. The newsletter was about something else, but I received some nice responses to the story. These responses are from people who have had Puffins for several years, and you may find them interesting.

My story:
One of our favorite customers is a lady in her eighties who has had her Puffin for quite a few years. She visits us every spring, and we assemble the kayak for her. During the season, her Puffin is simply a very light and comfortable kayak that travels on top of her car like any plastic kayak. The difference is that she can handle a 20 pound Puffin by herself. A similar size plastic kayak weighs 40 pounds or more and would be too heavy. We will see her again in the fall when she brings her kayak to have us pack it for the winter.

And the responses:
I think you and the little old lady make an excellent point. I have recently come to the same conclusion, and I now assemble my kayak in the spring and use it all summer on the Chesapeake Bay and its creeks, then pack it away when the season is over. We use it much more now.

I purchased my first Puffin because of its portability; it and all of its accessories fit into one standard (airline checkable) hard sided suitcase and has traveled all over the world with me on business trips.   But its light weight had another benefit.   Portages are real easy.   I can carry an assembled Puffin and a small backpack (no overnight gear) at normal hiking pace.   So, for example, I can do a 30 mile loop–half of it water, and the other half broken into a dozen portages–as a day trip…instead of 3 to 5 days.   This has allowed me to paddle routes for which I would otherwise not have had enough time and/or when I couldn’t rely on more than one day of good weather in a row at the time that I happened to be there.

Your story sounds like my Puffin, except mine is used all year long.   It is easy to carry on top of my little car.       (I am 83 and have no problem)
We are flying to Norway in a couple of days with two Puffins as part of our baggage – hoping to paddle some spectacular places as we travel north along the coast in my brother’s car.

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