Twelve Years with PakCanoe 150


I have been meaning to send you this quick note for some time now.  Back in 2001 I contacted you under the auspices of our guiding company with a request for information on purchasing some of your Pakboat dease-riverfolding canoes for expanding our offerings into combined water and mountain trips.  You kindly offered a wholesale rate on a boat to evaluate it for our proposed program.  “9-11” put a big crimp into tourism activities here in Alaska as well as many of our international offerings, so I dropped the idea for a while.

I was personally intrigued with the concept of a folding white-water able canoe, though, and I started doing personal trips with the PakCanoedease-river 15 bought from you.  Even though we never went anywhere with the concept of combined water and mountain trips with our company, I have gotten a great deal of use personally with the boat, and I credit you and your company with opening up the possibilities of numerous amazing trips here in Alaska and in Canada.  I have paddled the boat a great deal with two people rather than a single, and it is a bit small, but it still has performed flawlessly for over 12 years of flying in bush planes, cargo in boats, and packing in the back of a car to and from numerous wilderness river and lake trips.

I want to thank you for a very well made product and excellent customer service when I had contact with you and your company earlier.  The combination of light weight, portability, and durability of your boats has been very impressive!

Our company weathered the lean travel times in the aftermath of “9-11” just fine, and has gone on to become the largest mountaineering guide service in North America.  I still have fond ideas about combined water/mountain trips, so perhaps sometime in the future. . .


Willi Prittie
Chief Guide
Alaska Program Director
Alpine Ascents International

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