PakPod on an open Canoe

This summer I canoed in the Lapland area of Norway and Finland where we ran two shallow and rocky rivers with lots of rapids – including a mile-long rapid that dropped 60 feet!

One challenge in preparing for the trip was to figure out a way to keep my new SLR camera safe, yet easy to get to. I decided to install the waterproof PakPod deck bag that we developed for use on kayaks, and it became my camera bag for the trip.

The installation was easy – I simply attached the webbing harness to two cross ribs so that the PakPod rested on a thwart, which placed it conveniently just in front of me about 2 inches below the gunwales. This gave me quick and easy access to the camera and kept it safe and dry while not in use. A nice enhancement to the setup was to keep my journal in the PakPod under the camera, thus creating a stiff floor under the camera. The PakPod was easy to remove from the canoe for portages with four quick-release buckles, and the roll-top closure made a comfortable handle.

On our trip we had PakPods on two solo canoes, running without spray covers, and we were very happy with the arrangement. I believe the PakPod will be just as useful and convenient on a covered tripping canoe – at least for the bow paddler. Give it a try sometime!

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