Paddling the Saco on a River

puffin-saco-on-the-whiteI went paddling on Vermont’s White River in early June with a friend. Usually, we use PakCanoes on this run, but we decided that it would be fun to see how a Puffin would behave on “bumpy” river water. Since I did not have many pictures of the black polyurethane skinned Saco, I made sure to put Juel Victor in it – hoping for a couple of good photo opportunities.The paddling was a lot of fun, quite white in some places without becoming intimidating. We did not bring spray skirts, but we would have been much drier in the end if we had!





From the second picture you might suspect that at least one of the boats was swamped. It was not. Juel Victor paddled out in complete control, but he got a good lapful of water. We both used PakPods as camera bags secured on the deck in front of the cockpit. The cameras were still completely dry when we got back to the car.


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