With a Puffin in Jamaica

I took the Puffin Sport to Jamaica and used it every day. Traveling with it was easy. I purchased a  rolling duffle bag which held the kayak as well as most of my clothing and the weight was well under the 50 pound airline limit. We stayed at a cottage on 7-mile beach in Negril. The ocean is quite calm there. There was no problem getting the Sport past the small waves – it just rode over them.  Although I have the optional deck, I preferred to leave the boat open so that I could more easily jump in and out in the surf. Because it rides so high, it stayed dry anyway. The Sport paddled straight with some correction strokes regardless of the direction of the swell. I made sure to start out in the direction against the wind so that I would have an easy time getting back.  The Sport is so light that I could carry it into my cottage and place it in the enclosed porch over night. Although I have a larger folding kayak from another manufacturer, I will continue to take the Sport on trips.

Bernie Moss

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