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Pakboats on the Kuujjua River, NWT Print E-mail

Kuujjua River, Victoria Island, NWT    Summer 1998

Dear Alv and Linda,

This summer we spent four weeks on the Kuujjua River on Victoria Island in the Northwest Territories. This trip was one of our favorite trips, in fact it is Joel's favorite tundra river because of all the wildlife (muskox, caribou, hawks, cranes and swans), magnificent scenery (reminiscent of the buttes of south west United States), minimal evidence of modern man, good fishing, good hiking, lots of whitewater and extreme remoteness.

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 Horton River, NWT      Summer, 1998

Dear ScanSport,

During the month of July in 1998, we used three Pakboats to travel about 500 km of the remote Horton River in Canada's North West Territories and it is my pleasure to tell you that the PakCanoes performed beyond our expectations. We began our journey with the canoes at the international airport in Toronto where the canoes were loaded on the plane we traveled on as part of our checked baggage.

Stowaway to Antarctica Print E-mail

December 28, 1997

Dear Alv,

I received the canoe for my Antarctica trip and just tried it on the Illinois River in front of my house. Let me tell you, that 14-footer of yours handles like a dream. I'd love to take it down some good whitewater, but I don't think Antarctica has any runnable rivers. Oh, well, maybe another time. 

Again, I'm impressed how much better this boat is than my original PakCanoe. Not that the original wasn't (and still is) a darn fine boat, but all your improvements add up. The boat goes together so much easier, stays together solidly, and the side sponsons are a heck of a security buffer, as well as a stiffener.

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reisa riverCanoeing one man's backyard.  -from Paddler Magazine, April 1998
Too busy watching waterfalls spilling from the cliffs along Reisafjorden, I looked up as our car abruptly slowed for sheep meandering down the center of the road. Welcome to North Norway, where the government protects the rights of sheep on local roads.

Snow clung to the 1,000-foot walls of the fjord, and our first glimpse of the Reisa River showed a narrow, bouncing waterway reminiscent of spring runoff in New England. Only it was early July, and the deep green water still looked icy cold.

Alv Elvestad of Enfield, New Hampshire, had invited seven American paddlers to journey to his homeland and travel three rivers in Finland and Norway above the Arctic Circle. We were beginning the trip in the backyard of his family's old homestead in the tiny village of Sappen, where the river lapped at the pasture behind the 19th-century house.

Flying around America with Pakboats Print E-mail

Alaska and Florida      1996 - 1998

Dear Sirs,

I just recently have come across your listing in the January/February Special 1999 Buyer's Guide issue of Paddler Magazine. I own a 16' Escape, purchased from Mad River a few years ago. You must be the manufacturer, or you have taken over the line from Mad River, as I don't believe they market the boat any more.

I want you to know how much we appreciate what the boat allows us to do.

Pakboats Review, Sports Afield Print E-mail

Canoe in a Duffel
by Ted Kerasote   - Sports Afield Magazine, February 1997

In the South Seas, Polynesians used canoes to get from island to island. The Inuit paddled them across the Arctic to migrate from Siberia to Greenland. In North America, canoes opened the fur trade from the St. Lawrence to the Mackenzie Delta. Today, open canoes - some of which hold up to 800 pounds of gear and people - are still the craft of choice for long wilderness trips. Even when setting off on a day trip near home, there is no two-person craft more pleasant for moving through water.

But portage 80 pounds of canoe a few miles and the sweetness of paddling becomes a distant memory. Likewise, those who own tiny cars, or live in small apartments, or whose garages are already full, will find that 17-foot canoes are much like old buddies who come to visit: You love them, but where do you put them?

Nahanni River Experience with PakCanoes Print E-mail

Nahanni River, Northwest Territories, Canada    1997nahanni river

Dear Alv,

First, let me thank you for the timely delivery of our 17 foot Pakboat. The sprayskirt proved essential and I appreciate the extra effort you made to get it to us on time.

But most important, kudos to the boat. Our trip was a tough one on the South Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The 360 mile route started with 60 miles of continuous and wild whitewater through the "Rock Garden", followed by four major canyons with standing waves and swell higher than I would like to remember. Unfortunately, we happened to hit a major flood at the 200 mile mark and had to contend with water in the last canyon that still sends shivers down my spine.

Pakboats on Thomsen River, Banks Island Print E-mail

Banks Island, NWT - Wildlife by Canoe

Joel and I just returned from the Thomsen River on Banks Island safe, sound, and quite rested. We had a magnificent trip! Tundra gray overcast, cold, windy and rainy but otherwise quite wonderful. We did a lot of great hiking, even yours truly - for whom hiking is usually a chore and not a pleasure. The tundra was generally like walking on grass, although at times there were batches of small hillocks that were about the size of a salad bowl, and you had to be careful not to roll off them and twist your ankle as you were stepping from one to the next.

However, the highlight of the trip was the unbelievable wildlife. Daily we saw several family groups of muskoxen.

Soper River by PakCanoe Print E-mail

Canoeing Soper River, Baffin Island, NWT  1997

Dear Alv,

A remote destination with challenging shipping options, what better place to try out a new foldable canoe. We headed north last August with a party of 12 to the Soper River on Baffin Island. Flying along as baggage in the belly of the First Air Jet were six Escapes, three 16 foot and three 17 foot boats.

Louisiana Bayous by PakCanoe Print E-mail
Alligator Viewing, Louisiana 1997

Dear Alv,

I just wanted to write and let you know how much my wife and I have enjoyed our new canoe. We bought one of the 15 foot models in December and have been exploring the swamps and bayous of south Louisiana ever since. We live in an apartment, so the storage factor is great.
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