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Thursday, 26 February 2009 21:04

The PakPod combines the functions of a Deck Bag, a Day pack, and a Paddle Float self rescue device in a new way. No, this is not a gimmick. The PakPod is an excellent deck bag. It is a great waterproof day pack, and we think it is the most functional paddle float you can get. It works equally well on almost any kayak.

pakpod-deck-bag1. PakPod as Deck Bag. The PakPod provides 2.5 gallons (10 liters) of secure and convenient storage for all the gear you need to have available while under way. It even includes a mount for your compass, and a large mesh pocket on top provides convenient access to items that don't need waterproof protection. Large yellow reflective panels help make your kayak visible on the water. All the seams are welded to be quite waterproof, and the roll-top closure is convenient and secure. You can release the PakPod from the kayak or canoe with quick-release buckles, and the roll-top closure makes a handy grip to carry the bag. I use mine to keep my SLR camera secure and dry.pakpod-day-pack

 2. PakPod as Day Pack.  Starting with the 2012 version, the PakPod includes shoulder straps so it can be carried as a Day Pack. A rigid board across the lower back protects from hard objects inside the PakPod.
pakpod-paddle-float3. PakPod as Paddle Float (self rescue device). A good Paddle Float is:

- Easy to deploy. The PakPod is secured on deck and can be released by four quick-release buckles. There is nothing to inflate, and there is no need to locate anything below deck.

- Secure. The PakPod stays firmly secured to the kayak until it has been secured to the paddle. It is never free floating, so it cannot blow away.

- Effective. The PakPod always maintains its volume and buoyancy. With 20 pounds of displacement it makes an effective outrigger to stabilize the kayak while the paddler climbs back in.

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